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themovieicons's Journal

The Movie Icons
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A community dedicated to movie icons!

Welcome to themovieicons - an icon community dedicated to movie icons! I'm not one for lots of rules, so there's just a few that i would ask you to follow.

1.This community is for sharing movie icons. It's pretty simple if your icon post doesn't include icons of movies then don't post.

2. Multifandom icon posts are okay as long as they include some icons of movies.

3. If posting more than 3 icons, please put them behind a cut and post 3 Teaser Icons.

4. Please tag your own entries if you can. If you aren't sure how to, don't worry, but for those who do it would be a great help to me if you could do this.

5. If you take/use any icons found within the community, you MUST credit the individual maker not the community.

6. This is a community for people to share their own icons. Therefore, if you didn't make them, don't post them or at the very least ask permission of the maker first and clearly state who the maker is in your post.

7. If any of your icons contain any nudity please put them behind a cut and include a warning in your post.


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